Our Pastor

Hello, my name is Bro. Jamie  Rollins and I would like to first of all  say how blessed I am to pastor  such a wonderful spirit filled church.  However, it has not always been  the church it is today, God has richly  blessed us in the few years that I  have been with this flock. The Lord  led us to Berachah in June of 2005  and he has truly blessed!   In the  past few years we have seen the Lord  perform many wonderful works in  our church.  It has been trying at times  but God has built (and again I  do say God) a wonderful church that  loves one another and has unity  that only God can give.  We would love  to have you join us in one of  our services.  Again all I can say is "GOD  HAS BEEN GOOD TO THIS OLD  BOY AND HIS FAMILY!"